The amazing illustrator for Too Early, Elly MacKay, came up with the idea of making “Sunrise Jars” as a craft to go along with the book! You can make these jars super simple, simple enough for very young kids, or quite detailed, if parents want to try their hand at some complicated scissor work! I like that they are so flexible and that they make great gifts. You can use recycled jars, really any you have around, and only need to find or purchase a battery operated tea light to make the whole thing look really beautiful. Don’t use a real candle, as there is paper inside the jar with the tea light and obvious paper and fire don’t mix! I made a whole collection myself, some simple, some more complex (that I cut out with an exacto knife) and they look beautiful on our piano!

I’ve attached a video I made of me reading Too Early for Green Bean Books’ virtual story time and then demonstrating the craft. You can skip along to whatever section you want to see, and don’t necessarily have to watch the whole thing!

And here are the downloadable templates I mention in the video. You can also just do your own drawing!

tall tree   —   sun  —  small tree   —   moth   —   flower