Too Early

Pictures by Elly MacKay
Published by Abrams Books for Young Readers

I wake up very early.
Good morning, Sun, on your way at last.
You don’t wake up nearly as early as I do.
Now the wind is waking.
Tickle tickle on my cheeks,
rustle rustle through the leaves.
Birds untuck and start to coo,
Whooo whooo, you wake up too early, yes you doooo . . .

A gentle, cozy story following a family’s bleary-eyed wake-up routine, a little one who’s eager to start the day, and the quiet magic of early mornings.  

In sweet, melodic verse written from the perspective of the earliest riser, Too Early follows a family’s morning routine, exploring both the groggy and the everyday haze magic inherent in the predawn hours of a loving household.


Too Early will be released in November 2022! This story is particularly special to me as it was inspired by my very own early riser (I’m looking at you, Ry!) Illustrated by the amazing Elly MacKay, it’s beautiful from front to back! Check out a few of these gorgeous interior spreads:

Available for PREORDER through ABRAMS, IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop,  and more!

(Did you know that one of the very best ways to help an author, especially a newer, less-know author, is by pre-ordering their book? Pre-orders tell the publishing company that people are interested and in turn the publishing companies are more willing to invest in promotion. It may seem funny, but that’s the way it works! Thank you so much for your support:))