Dill & Bizzy: Opposite Day

Pictures by Lisa Ericson
Published by HarperCollins

Bizzy the strange bird has decided: Today is Opposite Day! Time to eat dinner for breakfast, have a loud dance party instead of a quiet rest, and say good morning at bedtime. But Bizzy’s best friend, Dill the odd duck, would prefer to have a normal day, with no opposites. So Dill says, “No, no, stop!” to Opposite Day, while Bizzy says, “Yes, yes, go!” Will Opposite Day turn best friends into worst enemies? Nora and Lisa Ericson’s playful picture book, Dill and Bizzy: Opposite Day (HarperCollins), combines an original introduction to the concept of opposites with an eccentric but heartwarming friendship story. If today is truly Opposite Day, be prepared to hate this book!

Available to order through Powells and Amazon.